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If you are interested in the Bruderhof, here is a list of websites providing more information:

Our website with information about the Bruderhof, its history, how to visit, and contact details.

Bruderhof Instagram

The Bruderhof Instagram page has pictures of Bruderhof daily life.

Bruderhof Daily Dig

A blog of inspirational writings from various authors.

Eberhard Arnold (Co-founder of the Bruderhof)

Eberhard Arnold founded the Bruderhof in 1920 along with his wife Emmy and her sister Else von Hollander. Visit this website to read his writings and learn more about him.

Bruderhof Facebook Page

The official Bruderhof Facebook page provides information and news updates.

Bruderhof Soundcloud

Listen to Bruderhof music and singing!

Church Community is a Gift of the Holy Spirit - The Spirituality of the Bruderhof Community

This study examines the spirituality of the Bruderhof community. It gives particular attention to Eberhard Arnold (1883-1935) and a small number of people around him, including his wife Emmy and her sister Else von Hollander, who founded the first Bruderhof community in Sannerz, Germany, in 1920. You can download it for free, or buy a hard copy from Amazon.

Photos of the Bruderhof

Flickr page depicting life at the Bruderhof.

Jane Tyson Clement - Bruderhof Author and Poet

A website dedicated to the writings of Jane Tyson Clement (1917-2000). Jane was a prolific author whose poems, plays, and short stories reflect a life lived in search for truth and wholeness. In 1954 Jane, and her husband Bob, joined the Bruderhof.

J. Heinrich Arnold (Bruderhof Pastor and Author)

Johann Heinrich Arnold is best known for his books, which have helped thousands to follow Christ in their daily lives, and for his pastoral care as elder of the Bruderhof community movement.

Plough Publishing

Plough is the publishing house of the Bruderhof and has been running since our communities started.

Concise Bruderhof History

From the Mennonite Third Way website.

Origin of the word "Bruderhof"

An article explaining where the word "Bruderhof" comes from.

Visiting the Bruderhof

An account of a visit to a Bruderhof in New York.

Bruderhof Google Plus page

Follow the Bruderhof on Google Plus.

Bruderhof Pinterest

Follow the Bruderhof on Pinterest.

Why the Bruderhof is not a cult - by Bryan Wilson

An interesting paper by Bryan Wilson on the Bruderhof. Bryan Wilson studied cults and minority religions for 40 years and here explains why the Bruderhof is not a cult.

Bruderhof Forgiveness Guide

Despite its importance, forgiveness is not spoken about much. Here is information to help those who know they need to forgive.

Bruderhof Scribd

Some interesting papers on the Bruderhof.

Bruderhof News Articles

An extra large pumpkin features in this news article.